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Levitra alternative Viagra lets you get back your lost love life

Is it true that you are not able to find solace on your sex partners arms? The only reason behind that may be your own erectile problem. It is a problem faced by many old male sex partners around the globe. Though there have been much progress in medical science it had not been able to give answers to erectile problem for long. But with the advent of Viagra brought by Pfizer Inc. old males can get back their lost erection and most importantly the love of belongingness.

Viagra is an alternative of Levitra. Both of them act in the same way. Both helps in infusing phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) enzymes in penis which relaxes the penile muscles and increases blood flow in it. The flow of the blood stiffens the penis, but to have sex one has to maintain that stiffness. In that enlarging penis blocks the vein which is to circulate the blood back into the system. Thus the blood level is maintained in the penis till penis gets relaxed.

Which means, Viagra acts as a spark for all of the above chain of events? But taking Levitra alternative Viagra without proper medical guidance can run havoc in your health. It is advised that you consult a doctor first to have the pill. While seeing the doctor you should tell him if you have any – heart ailments, blood pressure, asthma, allergy and diabetes etc. Women and children should stay away from this pill.

But it does not mean that as soon as one takes the pill he gets an erection. To have an erection he must have sexual arousal at first. The drug effects usually after half an hour of taking it and lasts for around 4-5 hours. So, if you take the drug to get over impotency you have to have sex within these hours. The normal dose for the drug is a pill a day but a doctor is the right person to decide what should be your required dose.

Levitra alternative Viagra side effects that have been observed till date are mild and are short in nature. Frequent side effects include – facial blushing, upset stomach and headache. But side effects like blurred vision and inability to distinguish blue and green colours may appear. In case of side effects do not hesitate to see your doctor.


Long lost bedtime love can be regained by Levitra alternative Viagra. It increases the blood flow in penis thereby giving it an erection. It has its share of short term side effects but benefits of regaining the lost love is more than its side effects.
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