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Rediscover your sexual urges with Levitra

Last night you had a commotion with your partner in the bed. Why? For you failed once again to satisfy her sexual urges. If this is the problem you are facing for the last few weeks or months, then it is a high time for you to give some serious thought over it. It is a sure sign of sexual dysfunction and if you go on ignoring it then be ready for a break up from your partner.

Sexual dysfunction can aspire any one at any age. Though a serious problem, but it is definitely curable at any age. Proper treatment with proper medications can return you lost vitality once again and that too significantly.

Sexual dysfunction mainly refers to the inability in a male to sustain a prolonged erection during intercourse or premature ejaculation or even erection hardness. If you somehow experience such problems then there is something you must do. But remember you are not alone and so no need to panic or live your life in depression. Proper medicine with productive results are now available.

In clinical trails Levitra is found to be very effective for overcoming various sexual dysfunctions. Approved by FDA as an erectile dysfunction drug, it enables many men to respond to sexual stimulation. The main ingredient in Levitra- Verdenafil hydrochloride is a very active substance. It helps the user to achieve a satisfactory erection till the act is over.

It’s an oral prescription medicine and a dose a day is enough to achieve much improved erection than before. Generally it is prescribed to consume an hour before intercourse for it takes 30 -60 mins to increase the blood flow into your penis and stimulate it. It comes in 2.5-mg, 5-mg, 10-mg, and 20-mg tablets .

Mild side affects like headache, constipation and runny or stuffy nose are commonly found. But these affects are reversible and as the body get used to it everything becomes normal again. However always consult a doctor for proper dose of the medications. For in some cases a strong dose depending on your problem is also prescribed. Any how Levitra is a boon to many.


Levitra is an oral prescribed medicine for treating sexual dysfunction effectively. It increases the amount of blood flow into the veins of the penis and gives a satisfactory erection for a prolonged period. Satisfactory results are found till date without any major drawback. First time users are really satisfied and is trying it again and again. Prefer consulting a doctor before using it.

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