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Firm Erection and Timely Ejaculation is What She Needs

Marriage is an institution, which binds two individual in a legal bondage of love. After marriage, satisfying each other’s sexual desires is an obligation, which must be fulfilled by couples. Though, the society has affixed its rules about marital life, but possibility of existence of extramarital relations cannot be ruled out. There are numerous in the world, who enjoy sex outside their marital relations.

Irrespective of the type of sexual relations you are having with, there are some physical requirements for enjoying sex with proper intensity. Nature is more demanding from man’s side; for love making erection of penis is essential. In the case of woman, sensation in clitoris should take place but it is not essential. Vagina of woman due to its high elasticity can adjust to almost any size of the penis. Irrespective of size, firm erection of penis till her ejaculation is the only requirement of a woman to enjoy sex. Only a firmly erected penis can penetrate in vagina and can give a woman hard strokes which she enjoys a lot. Hard stroke for long duration can take her on the paradise of enjoyment. Orgasm is ultimate goal for which the game of love making is played. A woman achieves this height, when she has been given strokes of penis for the duration longer than her time of ejaculation. After that man achieves orgasm and penis comes back to relaxed position. But, there can be some malfunctioning in this perfectly timed process. Because of this malfunctioning, a man achieves orgasm earlier than the woman and penis falls without satisfying her.

The malfunctioning in erection of penis is known as erectile dysfunction (ED). ED puts a big full-stop to sexual life of the sufferer. ED makes a man impotent; this is very embarrassing as impotency is the symbol of masculinity.

Treatment of impotency is available and its name is Levitra. Levitra is a FDA approved drug which can give proper erection for 4 hours. Levitra’s prime active ingredient Vedranafil HCl invokes the generation of guanosine monophosphate (GMP), which is a stimulator of flow of blood towards penis. The continuous supply of blood retains erection of penis which doesn’t last even after achieving orgasm. The retention erection is there because Levitra also works as phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor. PDE-5 is secreted in the penis immediately after achieving orgasm which bring back penis in relaxed position. Inhibition of PDE-5 provides you capability of satisfying a woman even if you already have got orgasm.

Levitra may have some side effects like dizziness, dry mouth, chest pain, and painful erection but the side-effects are mild. Once your body is adjusted to this medication there will be no side effects. Levitra is an oral-prescription medication which should not be used without doctor’s prescription. The doctor generally prescribes for 10mg of Levitra taken half an hour before making sexual contact.

This high efficacy medication is easily available through an online order; the delivery of online purchase of Levitra is made at your doorstep.

Now, give her what she needed from you i.e. hard erection and timely ejaculation with help of Levitra.


Size of penis doesn’t matter a lot for a woman she only needs firmly erected penis, which can take her at peak with continuous hard strokes. Erectile dysfunction snatches away a man’s capability of sexually satisfying a woman. Levitra can treat erectile dysfunction very well; it also can enable a man to satisfy a woman not only once but twice or thrice in a single sexual encounter. Levitra is easily available through online order.

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