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Use Levitra to Enjoy Erotic Sex

People generally get bore of routine love making; they want to put more spice in their sexual relations. The art of erotica can help them a lot. A lot of books have been written over this art since ancient times. Roman, Greek, Indo-Aryan, Chinese, whichever the society is, it has its literature and sculpture on art of erotica. All erotic arts suggest, how to ignite the fire for penetrative sex and how to delay orgasm so that there will be complete pleasure for long duration.

In ignition of fire, foreplay plays a vital role; a good foreplay produces a fertile ground for penetrative sex. There are more than ten erogenous spots on the body of a woman; she enjoys titillation, kissing, and touch of a man on those parts very much. Grabbing her boobs and sucking them are the common activities which give psychological stimulation to both partners. Her clitoris is button which can turn her on, just to give it sensation from your finger or from your tongue. Women play with penis with their hands and tongue; enjoying oral sex is not uncommon in many societies. The tricks are numerous but acceptability of activities of foreplay varies according to society and religion. After foreplay it comes the turn of penetrative sex which leads to the orgasm. Normal sexual position can be boring with the passage of time. Different posture can be tried but for all these activities you require properly working sex organs, particularly penis of the man.

Ageing, pollution and certain other factors degenerate the tissues of penis, which restricts penile erection. This problem is known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). In the case of ED, even intense foreplay cannot erect penis; forget about erotic sex then one cannot enjoy normal sexual life. If man is married, because of ED his wife can be ‘desperate wife’.

There is a beneficial medication Levitra, which can help in getting firm erection of penis. Levitra contains Verdanafil HCl which increase production of HCl and inhibits productions of PDE-5. HCl and PDE-5 are respectively responsible for erection and fall back of the penis. Levitra is oral-prescription medication, which is easy to use. Generally, prescribed volume of pill is 10mg and it is to be taken 30 minutes before having sex.

Due to the non-adjustment of this drug with the body in the initial days of use, Levitra might cause some mild side effects like dizziness, sleeplessness, chest pain and painful erection. The side-effects generally disappear with a few days; if the symptoms of side effects persist for long, immediately contact a doctor.

Levitra gives you opportunity to enjoy highly erotic sex and to fizzle out all fire of a woman with firm erection of penis for four hours. It is easily available through an online order, which makes it available on very competitive price.


There is a phase in life when one gets bore of routine love making; you need something new and something more erotic. The arts of erotica suggest you ways to new vistas through intense foreplay and different postures of penetrative sex. But, ED dysfunction restricts you to enjoy sex properly even if you have proper knowledge of art of erotica. Levitra can help in ED with its high success rate of more than 85%. Levitra sex pill can give you erection for four hours and it is easily available through an online order.

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