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Sex a Bio-Mechanical Process, Levitra helps to Enjoy it

Sex is a biological process, which is provided by the nature to those species that reproduce sexually. Penis in male and vagina in female are the external sexual organs without which love making is not possible. Proper erection of penis and continuity of erection during the intercourse is essential for enjoying sex by both partners which is the mechanical aspect of the love making. Thus, sex completely can be defined as a bio-mechanical process. No species enjoys sex as frequently as human beings do.

Generally, under social customs, human beings establish sexual relations with the partner to whom they love; however, exceptions also exist. Love provides you a fertile ground for love making but without fulfilling mechanical requirements it is not possible to make love. Nature has provided a man capability to erect penis when he prepares for sexual intercourse. Generally, there is no need for any external stimulation for bringing penis in erect position. This kind of non-stimulated erection is very common in early young age because responses of sex hormones are quick in that phase of life.

However, a mature man may need some foreplay to bring penis in erect position. Foreplay is essential for enjoying sex with high intensity. Tricks of foreplay defers according to matrix of the society. A woman has several erogenous spots over her body; kissing and titillation on those spots can ignite her for sex. In some societies, fingering and licking in vagina are very common; licking can generate irresistible urge for penetrative sex. On other hand, women generally use her hand to erect penis and an experienced woman knows how to erect penis using her mouth and tongue.

There can be a stage in life when penis doesn’t erect even after all intense foreplay. Non-erection of penis makes a man impotent. In medical terminology, non-erection of penis is known as erectile dysfunction (ED). ED generally occurs in mature age when man loses his libido but it also can occur in early young age. ED is very embarrassing for a man as a woman doesn’t want come in contact with such a man who cannot satisfy her. Though ED can occur because of psychological reasons, but in more than 90% cases its cause is physical degeneration.

Levitra can help all those men who are suffering from ED. Levitra pills contain Vardenafil as its active constituent, which stimulates production of GMP. Secretion of GMP takes place to fill the blood in the capillaries of penis. This stimulation and proper flow of blood provides the penis hard and firm erection. Erection of penis provided by Levitra may stay for about 4 hours because Levitra inhibits the working of phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5). This is the chemical secretion, which brings back penis in relaxed position and responsible for early fall of penis. The beneficial drug Levitra may have some mild side-effects like nausea, dizziness, painful erection and chest pain. These side effects are short lived and generally disappear with continuous use of Levitra for few days. This is an oral prescription medication, which should not be used without doctor’s prescription. 4 hours long erection enables a man to quench sexual thirst of a woman many times in a single sexual encounter. Probably she desperately has been waiting for such a satisfaction for a long time.


Sex is a bio-mechanical process which requires psychological and physical soundness of the body. ED is a common disease which snatches man’s capability of erecting the penis and holding firm erection until woman is completely satisfied with him. Levitra helps in ED; a man can get erection of penis hard and firm enough to satisfy her many times.
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