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Erectile dysfunction drugs

Erectile dysfunction (ED) denotes the inability to achieve and maintain erection throughout a sexual intercourse. It can be due to various reasons such as injury, disease or any side-effects of drugs.

With the advancement in technology, oral prescription drugs are here to ease out your worries.

Enlisted below are few common erectile dysfunction drugs available in the market:

Levitra dominates the market in spite of the availability of other erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and Cialis due to its promising helpful results. Besides this, Levitra can be obtained with at a reasonable price with lesser side-effects.

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These drugs work by relaxing the smooth muscle cells, thereby widening the blood vessels. All these drugs do not work independently, and have to be accompanied with a sexual arousal. All of these dysfunction erectile impotence drugs are FDA approved, which adds to its reliable results. They are effective for partial erection as well.

It is recommended that before undergoing any of the above mentioned erectile dysfunction drugs treatment you should consult your doctor. Do not mix these prescriptions, to avoid contradictions of the expected effects.


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