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Old age Sex

We human are social animals. And as an animal we have this internal urge of having sex even when we are old. Our age can not defy the very law of Nature. Agility of a person goes tantrum when he gets old. Stamina, eroded vigour, uninteresting sex life comes as we get older. We stick on to our past memories of good sex lives and it seems impossible to do it again in this lifetime.

Almost everyone takes it for granted that sex in old age is not possible. They feel that old age sex would be without any purpose and ecstasy. Most of us find it difficult to gauge the fact that even old age persons can have sex. For women menopause acts as a blocking point to have sex and decrease in penis erection leads to skipping of sex by males. But for both the gender they wish they could do well in bed.

So, the sex pairs who have enjoyed having sex early in their relationships can continue to enjoy it in their old age. But it may be necessary for these pairs to adapt to new ways and means of having it. If they have good health sex acts as a tool which binds both of them together without any restrain.

However, these individuals who wish to enjoy sex in later part of their life must recognise that their body has gone a change from the time they had sex for the first time due to biological degeneration process which comes with aging. It should be also be recognised that physiology and sexual anatomy of an individual too goes for a drastic change with old age.

An old age couple can enjoy sex if both of them understand the physiological changes each of them have gone through and respond to such changes. Sex in old age is enjoyable so as to spend leisure time and keeps them binding together in the relationship. A partner might be willing to have sex but his/her partner might not be willing. So, a tension arises between them which may lead to other problems like dislike for the partner and divorces. Thus in order to lead a happy life in old age, sex is of utmost importance.

Some of the sexual changes with age are given below:

In Men

  • Penile erection takes time and to maintain it is difficult
  • Psychological stimulation may not be as effective as in early day to get an erection.
  • Contraction of penis and other glands during climax are not strong so ejaculation of semen is reduced.
  • Seminal fluid in pale in colour, thinner and quality is reduced.
  • After ejaculation, he may take hours or days to get an erection again.

In these kinds of problems pills like Levitra, Viagra can take care of an old age male individual’s erectile dysfunction. But all these drugs must be taken with consultation of a doctor.

In Women

  • It may take longer time to arouse sexually.
  • Owing to reduced production of oestrogen lubrication of vagina is low and leaves it dry thus sexual intercourse becomes a painful experience.
  • The lack of oestrogen also leads to reduction in the elasticity of vaginal walls and makes them thin which in turn shrinks the vaginal barrel.
  • The shrinkage of the vaginal wall may be compounded by the lack of regular sexual intercourse.
To get rid of problems hormone pills or applying hormone creams in the vagina are good options. Apart from that regular sexual intercourse can also prevent in the shrinking of the vaginal wall and to maintain a great sexual health.

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